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ProKera helps exfoliate, soothe, and renew to give you softer, healthier skin.

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ProKera™ lotion is formulated with glycolic acid.


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Why ProKera?

Hundreds of Satisfied Customers Since 1991

"I have been using ProKera lotion for two months, twice a day on my body and my hands. I thought I would never have pretty hands again but I was wrong. This stuff works great and I show no signs of eczema anywhere nor do I have to use gloves any more or even medicine."

~ Brenda

"I suffer from eczema and five years of diaper changing. Before ProKera my hands looked like a 90-year-old's, and within 24 hours of using your product my hands look better than new!  I have tried all the latest products over the counter, from multi-level distributors and prescriptions but nothing has ever worked like ProKera."

~ Karen

"My pharmacist told me about ProKera. I like it because doesn't have a foo foo smell, and I can grab onto things after putting it on (no greasy feel). I don't need to reapply every time I wash my hands and at the end of the workday, the work grime comes off easier when washing. Best of all, a little goes a long way."

~ Tim