How It Works

Is Your Skin In Crisis?

Dry skin can be a problem no matter where you live, and exposure to climate extremes, environmental pollution, harsh chemicals, aging or pore-clogging cosmetics can cause serious skin problems.

If you have experienced skin so dry it flakes, splits, cracks or even bleeds, your skin is in crisis and you need help. Dermatologists agree that caring for dry skin in the earliest stages can greatly reduce the risks of eczema, psoriasis, and other painful and unsightly skin conditions.

Relief is Here… and We Guarantee It!

ProKera Hand & Body Moisturizer will make your skin feel normal again in just three short days… or your money back… guaranteed! Just imagine: soft, moist, supple, ultra smooth skin in only three days!

How Does It Work?

ProKera contains the miracle of glycolic acid, the only cosmetic ingredient on the market today that has proven clinical trials to back up its claims to:

  • Exfoliate the outer layer of skin, sloughing away dull, gray, dead skin cells to reveal the radiant, healthy layer beneath. 
  • Transport moisturizing components deep into the skin.
  • Lock in moisture for longer, more effective hydration.
  • Help thicken the skin by fluffing the collagen layer to reduce the appearance of fine lines.
ProKera contains glycolic acid in an exclusive formula that soothes, softens and renews your skin. Use it daily after bathing or whenever you wash your hands for remarkable results you used to think impossible. Even after one application, you will see and feel the difference.